Restaurants Need Reviews

Guess what?

More than 70% of people today are looking up your restaurant on the internet to find out your reviews. If your most recent reviews are sub par, you will be losing customers like crazy!

Don’t believe it? Let’s do some quick math.

Let’s say you have 1,000 people check out your reviews either on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Etc. Each person has an average check size of $100 if they average 2 or 3 people with them at their meal.

If every person that checked out your reviews visited your restaurant, that would be $100,000 in revenue.

Let’s say you have amazing reviews. Perhaps you will get 60% actually come in out of that 1,000 people realistically.

Now, let’s say you have terrible reviews. People have said your service and food are horrible and they will never come back. Maybe you only get about 15% actually come in that checked you out.

Money lost from bad reviews? You bet!

$60,000 – Great Reviews

$15,000 – Terrible Reviews

Do you see the crazy benefits of having great reviews online?? I do!

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