Attention Business Owners: Your Website Software Has Become Extinct!

“Hurry… Your Website Is Completely Out of Date for 2011. I Personally Guarantee You are Losing Out on $1,000’s Every Year with Your Current Website




If you are visiting this webpage, I can almost guarantee you that your website doesn’t work on mobile devices and looks a little something like this real life example. Guess how much money this business brings in from mobile? Zero…




As of November 9th, 2011, Flash based websites have become obsolete. It’s been reported on all over the country this week on such sources as:


Here’s what the WSJ has to say about Adobe cutting jobs and dropping their flash development.



“The reason why you landed on this page is because your website still uses Adobe Flash Player. This simply is a software program that is no longer supported and will not work at all on mobile devices.


Don’t believe me? Try typing your website into any mobile device. It just doesn’t work. It probably just shows a blank screen. We all know that can’t be good for business.


Since the entire market is switching from offline marketing to online, there’s no better opportunity than the newly established mobile market. It’s growing so fast and I can bet you are thinking about getting an Ipad, tablet, Iphone, or some other smart phone device if you haven’t already.



The problem remains, if your website is flash ( If you landed here from us reaching out to you, it is flash.) you need a solution to get it fixed quickly and affordable.


You also need a solution that gives you the benefits of taking advantage of mobile markets for years to come. That’s why, we came up with just that solution.


Two Live Examples of What Your Website Should Look like on a mobile device:


On PC:

Goto and type the following live examples


On Mobile Device, Type the Following:


The process is very easy, fill the form out at the bottom of this webpage and I will call you to give you a free personal consultation to make sure we are right for each other and you will have your business raking in the profits from not online the web, but also the huge and expansive mobile market.


Google is well aware of the mobile trend and it even expects mobile to overtake standard computer browsing in 2012! That’s right; in just months, mobile will be more important than your standard online website and marketing.

Check out this short video straight from Google itself.



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